Sindh’s history and its past can be explored through the magnificent archaeological sites present in Sindh.

Archaeological Sites

Tomb of Mirza Tughral Baig

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Tomb of Mirza Jani & Mirza Ghazi Baig

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Tomb of Mubarak Khan S/O Jam Nizamuddin

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We Are Proud Of Being The One Of The Oldest Civilization Of World

The history of Sindh is intertwined with the history of the broader South Asia and surrounding regions. Sindh was at the center of the Indus Valley Civilization, one of the cradles of civilization.

4000 Archaeological Sities

Sindh is packed with archaeological sites and places, which are milestones of vast history.

3300 BC Bronze Age Civilization

It flourished in the basins of the Indus River, which flows through the length of Pakistan.

4500 Undeciphered Seals

Which are calling to researchers for understanding.

02 UNESCO Declared Sites

Mohenjodaro and Necropolis Makli are two sites which are declared by UNESCO.


Sindh’s history and its past can be explored through the magnificent forts present in Sindh. The more well-known ones are Rani Kot fort, Kot Diji Fort, Umerkot Fort and Pakka Fort popularly known as ‘Pakka Qila’ of Hyderabad.

Archaeological Museum Mansura – Sanghar

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Mukhi House Museum, Hyderabad

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About Sindh Antiquities

The Sindh Government established the Department of Antiquities in the year 2008, under the Antiquities Act 1975.

Antiquities was an independent department from 2008 to 2013, in June 2013 it was abolished and merged with Culture Department with financial and administrative powers transferred to Secretary Culture, Tourism and Antiquities Department.