Syed Sardar

Provincial Minister – Government of Sindh


Culture Department promotes the cultural heritage of Sindh within Pakistan and abroad; supports literary activities. 


The tourism Department promotes tourism by creating awareness of Sindh’s unique wealth of its natural heritage. 


Department of Antiquities was created to look after the archaeological, historical, and physical heritage of the province.


Department of Antiquities was created to look after the archaeological, historical, and physical heritage of the province.

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Welcome to the website of the Antiquities Department, Government of Sindh. Archaeology and antiquities; where we can look at our past, our heritage, and the status of our greatest civilization.

My own heartbeats with the archeology and tourism of Sindh. In Antiquities, I initiated the task to promote the Archeological and Cultural Heritage within and outside the country by revitalizing the Directorate of Antiquities, which was dormant since its establishment. For the first time, a full-time Director-General assumed charge of this important organ, and the directorate showed their performance in holding of three-days International Conference on Mohen jo Daro, conservation at Makli as per UNESCO guidelines. The Umerkot fort which was neglected for a long and was in complete ruins has been brought back into its past grandeur after the restoration of its majestic walls. The Department in collaboration with the French Archeological Mission carried out Archeological excavations at Chahun jo Daro, a pre-historic site in Sakrand. The excavation at Lakhian jo Daro is in progress in collaboration with the Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur, whereas a joint archeological venture at the Bhanbhore site has been formalized with the Italian archeological mission. Restoration work at Kotdiji fort and at Ranikot fort is set to be started in the coming days.

Besides all the above concrete tasks, it was very much necessary to bring all information regarding activities and comprehensive data of our archaeological sites to all of you, no matter where you live, on which time you can spare for us; our responsive website will say you welcome and present you all information that you need. I am hoping that you will enjoy our website and wonder to see our glorious history.

Syed Sardar Ali Shah

Minister for

Culture, Tourism & Antiquities – govt. of Sindh 

Dr. Nasim ul

Provincial Secretary – Government of Sindh

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We as the guards of our culture and history working on:







Our Team

Team member image


Director General Antiquities, Sindh

We are in the fight against cultural racketeering. We bring with us the experience and skills of these widely diverse backgrounds as we work together to safeguard our shared cultural heritage. 

Team member image


Director Archaeology and Museums

Team member image


Director General Antiquities, Sindh

Team member image


Director Archaeology and Museums

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Consultant IT Culture, Tourism and Antiquities

Manzoor Ahmed Kanasro (Director General)

Manzoor Ahmed Kansro is currently Director General of Antiquities & Archaeology Department, under the umbrella of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities Department, Government of Sindh. He is also the author and compiler of several books published by the Culture Department and other publishers. He was born in the Larkana district on 1st May 1964. He is serving as the dedicated archaeologist and antiquities curator. Under his leadership, more than 129 archaeological and heritage sites of Sindh are preserved and protected as per international standards. International seminars on Mohen Jo Daro and Makli Necropolis, in which internationally recognized scholars arrived and presented their scholarly research papers, were landmarks on his credit.

Academic & Professional Career:

He had done Masters’s in Economics from Shah Abdul Latif University. He started his career in the Government of Sindh with his merit. He had worked in different departments in management positions, where he performed well-dedicated service. Earlier of DG Antiquities and Archaeology, he served as General Manager in Pakistan State Cement, Government of Pakistan, Managing Director in S.I.T.E, Government of Sindh, Chief Administrator in AUQAF & Religious Affairs, Government of Sindh, Managing Director in Sindh Tourism & Development Corporation, Government of Sindh and Director General in Culture Department, Government of Sindh.

Literary Career:

He wrote more than 300 research articles, published in various newspapers, magazines & Journals in Pakistan and abroad and books on culture and social life: Some of his books are given below:

  • Bhitai Jo Saqafati Wirso {Sindhi: ڀٽائيءَ جو ثقافتي ورثو}
  • Bhitai Jo Aadarshi Insaan {Sindhi: ڀٽائيءَ جو آدرشي انسان}
  • Shah and Ishq {Sindhi: ڀٽائي ۽ عشق}
  • Shah Latif Ji Shahiri Main Himat and Justajo {Sindhi: شاھ لطيف جي شاعريءَ ۾ ھمٿ ۽ جستجو}
  • Sur Kohyari {Sindhi: سُر ڪوھياري}
  • Sur Kedaro {Sindhi: سُر ڪيڏارو}
  • Sehwan Ji Sarkar {Sindhi: سيوھڻ جي سرڪار}
  • Sukh na Suta Kadaheen {Sindhi: سُک نہ ستا ڪڏھن ڪڏھين}
  • Korin Kayaon Tounhenjion {Sindhi: }
  • Munm Usman Marwandi {Sindhi: من عثمان مروندي}
  • Qalandar Shahbaz Hik Mutalio {Sindhi: قلندر شھباز ھڪ مطالعو}
  • Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar R.A (761 Urs Mubarak-te-Perheyal Makala and Shairi) {Sindhi: حضرت لعل شھباز قلندر رح}
  • Gulzar Qalandar {Sindhi: گلزار قلندر}
  • Shah Latif Hayat-o-Afkaar {Urdu: شاہ لطیف حیات و افکار}
  • Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (Mazameen o Maqalajat) {Urdu: شاہ عبدالطیف بھٹائی مضامین و مقالاجات}
  • Legacy of Shah Latif (Translated by Anwar Pirzado) {English}
  • The Message of Struggle in Latif’s Poetry {English}

International Conferences:

He has participated in various conferences/Seminars/ Cultural Delegates held in Australia, London UK, China, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Czech Republic.


Mr. Manzoor Ahmed Kanasro has conducted a High-Level Training Course on World Heritage under the Framework of Digital Belt and Road (DBAR) from the International Centre on Space Technologies for Natural and Cultural Heritage Under the auspices of UNESCO (HIST). 

Amar Fayaz Buriro (Consultant)

Amar Fayaz Buriro is a Language Engineer, Linguist & Consultant Director in the Department of Culture, Tourism & Antiquities, Government of Sindh. Previously he has worked as IT Specialist in Sindhi Language Authority where he looked after the Sindhi Computing and development of Sindhi Codex for advanced computing in language engineering, this will preserve our historical languages in advanced systems.

Besides this Amar is local guide of Google Inc. for Sindh Cultural heritage and tourism promotion in geo-tagging, making 360 Virtual Reality Tours and dissemination of information focused on cultural sites.  

Earlier he was Head of Department Information Technology in Newports Institute of Communication & Economics a corporate university of Karachi, IT Consultant in Geo TV network, and CEO/Owner of spread Multiplication, a firm providing web development services using latest cutting edge web-related technology and tools. He has endeavored to bring this latest technology to the service of major Pakistani languages such as Urdu & Sindhi. He realized that these languages of our country faced formidable challenges due to non-compatibility with browsers designed especially for the handheld devices such as tablets and cellphones. One of the major issues so far as Urdu was concerned was the use of the traditionally preferred Nastaleeq style on the web. Finally, he was able to create the first Web-based Nastaleeq font “Amar Nastaleeq”, which is a lightweight font that allows robust and reliable conversion to various embeddable formats for use across major OS’s, browsers, and devices. Meanwhile, he also worked at localizing the world’s leading CMS Joomla for Urdu and Sindhi. Today he is the webmaster of more than 85 multilingual websites which use advanced PHP programming. He also found that the majority of the programmers and web developers in our country use nulled versions, cracked software, and pirated scripts. This unfortunately is the major cause why most of the websites get hacked and the database management has security issues. Deviating from this practice, he chose to use neat and clean programming and licensed scripts. 

Prior to setting up spread, he was associated with National Rural Support Program (NRSP) first as District Manager and later as Project Manager in Education Project assigned by Union Council Based Poverty Reduction Program. The project is considered to be one of the most acclaimed and widely mobilizing models of UCBPRP initiatives of community-based girls’ literacy and volunteers’ engagement for the furtherance of female education.

He is the compiler of Pakistan’s biggest English to English to Sindhi Dictionary at the time in 1997, which has introduced him as a language expert. His literary work on cultural, social, and philosophical is recognized even from BBC Urdu, where he had written more than 150 blogs and articles on socio-political issues. He is liberal and always trying to spreading peace, love, and harmony within all races and nations on this planet.

Being a creative idealist and ideologist, he has always welcomed challenges, built up his reputation as a troubleshooter, and aimed for excellence.

Recognition & Awards:

Latif Award 2017

SGA Gold Medal 2017

Google’s Master Trailblazer

Google’s Master Fact Finder

Google’s Master Photographer

Google’s Master Reviewer

Google’s Street View Professional

  1. EDUCATION Masters in Sociology

Shah Abdul Lateef University, Khairpur Mir’s, Sindh, Pakistan                                               

Diploma of Associate Engineer Mechanical Technology

Govt. College of Technology, Khairpur Mir’s, Sindh, Pakistan


More than 25 years of experience relating to administration, management, documentation, communication, publications, and marketing. This included 5 years of Advanced Automata Programming (Web Development & e-Marketing) experience.


EMPLOYER                           Sindhi Language Authority 

POSITION                              Information Technology Specialist

DURATION                            December 2014-to date


EMPLOYER                           Newports Institute of Communications & Economics  

POSITION                              Head of Department (IT)

DURATION                            July 2012-to December 2014


  • For the first time in Pakistan, AJAX programming was added to the higher education commission.
  • The course of IT in HEC is reviewed and added three topics. 

EMPLOYER                           spread Multiplication  

POSITION                              CEO/Owner

DURATION                            August 2008-to 2013


  • Embedded 5 Urdu & 8 Sindhi Fonts on www browsers
  • Built and launched the first Urdu “Amar Nastaleeq” web-based font
  • Translated complete Joomla backend management in Sindhi
  • Launched 1st Responsive website in the Sindhi Language with 100% Ajax technology.
  • Programmed first Tri-lingual website in ANSI & UTF-8 parallel
  • Built more than 25 database-driven websites in English, Urdu & Sindhi languages.
  • Brought the Sindhi Language to modern Touch Browsers for the first time in the worldwide web.
  • Handled huge database sites relating to finance, business and news
  • Worked on Elance® and got a 5.0 rating, i.e. 100%, for the quality of his work
  • Made an online donation site along with donors area and email 
    notifications to both receiver and sender
  • Advance ACL management for administrators, editors, and publishers 
  • Complete management of site along with server, database, and security


EMPLOYER                           National Rural Support Program (NRSP)

POSITION                              Project Manager (Education)

DURATION                            June 2005-to June 2008

CONTRIBUTION                   Data management of target project schools

                                                Documentation of project workshops, seminars, and conferences

Documentation of project quarterly reports

Liaison and coordination with stakeholders

REASON FOR LEAVING      Completion of contract

EMPLOYER                           Pakistan Railways

POSITION                               Associate Engineer (G2) (Computerized Track Maintenance)

DURATION                            Aug – 1990 to March – 2003


  • Surveyed & maintained Mechanized Railway Track QTA-Chaman line
  • Managed & organized more than 1600 employees.

REASON FOR LEAVING      Working environment congenial to his temperament and principles


  • Compiled Pakistan’s No.1 English to English to Sindhi Dictionary in 1998 published by Oriental Book Society Lahore.
  • Written some short stories and poetry and was awarded the Best Short Story Writer of 1999 by Sindhi Adabi Sangat.
  • Blogging and article writing on socio-political affairs published in Aalmi Akhbar, Sindh Affairs, Indus Asia Online Canada, etc
  • Good debater and having an analytical approach regarding case studies, situation analysis, research work, and project management.
  1. INSPIRATION Mr. Abdul Majid Bhurgri (Founder MB Sindhi Computing)

                                                Seattle Washington, USA

                                                Email: majidbhurgri@gmail.com

                                                Phone: +1-206-245-4188

For further: follow him on Twitter and Facebook