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Tomb of Mirza Tughral baig, makli hill

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Area : 0.47 Acres (1G-107y) The tomb of Mirza Tughral Baig, (d. 1679) and the canopy on the right of Jani Baig Tarkhan’s tomb deserve ...

Tomb of Sarfaraz Khan Kalhoro, Hyderabad

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About a half a mile down, south of Mian Ghulam Nabi’s tomb in a hollow of the hill lies the tomb of Mian Sarfaraz Khan. It is located ...

Tombs of Talpurs (Meeran Ja Qubba), Hyderabad

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The group of Talpur Mirs tombs (C.1812-1843 A.D) have been built since the British conquest. From an architectural point of view they ...

Hala Monuments (Mirs Tombs), Matiari

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It is an extensive graveyard dating back to the first half of the 19th century A.D. This graveyard is divided into two portions with a ...

Brick enclosure of tomb of Baqi Baid Uzbak, Makli Hill

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The brick tomb of Baqi Baig Uzbek stands in-between the tomb pavilion of Tughral Baig and the tomb of Essa Khan Tarkhan the younger in ...

Tomb of Nawab Shurfa Khan, Thatta

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Dewan Shurfa Khan was a Minister of the Mughal Governor of Sindh, Nawab Amir Khan, during the reign of Shah jehan.  The tomb of the ...