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Jamia Mosque Khudabad, Dadu

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The Khudabad, once the capital of Sindh during Kalhora reign, is located in between the town of Sehwan and Dadu about 11 km south of ...

Shah Jahan Mosque (Jamia Masjid), Thatta

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The Shah Jahan Mosque, also known as the Jamia Masjid of Thatta, is a 17th century building that serves as the central mosque for the ...

Bhodesar Mosque, Tharparkar

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Seven km north-west of Nagarparkar and close to the foot of rocky hills which encircles the Parkar peninsula for 37 km in circumference ...

Dabgir Mosque, Thatta

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Area: 0.3 aces Situated in the out-skirt of the city of Thatta this old brick mosque is also known as Amir Khusro Khan’s mosque after ...

Nawab Ameer Khani Mosque

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The mosque is said to have been built by Nawab Amir Khan a reputable Governor of Thatta during Shah Jehna’s period. It is a massive ...

Old Jamia Masjid, Makli Thatta

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The Makli Nama mentions a tradition about Jam Tamachi having come here after his release from Delhi, probably in 1388 after the death ...
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