A seminar was organized by Sindh University, Thatta Campus with collaboration of Department of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Government of Sindh on “Digital promotion and preservation of archaeological sites in Sindh”. Students of the campus who were from different departments have participated in this lecture with interactive session. Mr. Amar Fayaz Buriro, a well-known language engineer and programmer of Sindhi and Urdu language was guest speaker where he elaborated the ongoing rapid revolution of digital media and incorporation of social media in it. Where opportunities are vastly opened for all users of the world. “We are in that opportunity so we can enlist our historical monuments, landmarks as well as our villages, towns and cities. We can add the information of our daily lives and our archaeological ruins on Wikipedia, google maps and other social media channels like facebook, twitter for giving eternal age to our landmarks.” Said Amar Fayaz.

“One another threat is, if we may not participate in this informational revolution then we will be backward and will be pushed to past.” He emphasized that it is our basic responsibility to protect and preserve our archaeological sites and ruins and feel proud that we have a glazed past and take development paces for the better future.

In the last session of questions and answers students shown keen interests in this regard. Mr. Aftab Ahmed member of the faculty had offered thanks to participants and Antiquities department for raising this awareness program.  

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Directorate of Antiquities and Archaeology, Government of Sindh is working on the Proposal for UNESCO Project “Raising awareness and capacity of the Culture and Disaster Management Authorities to Manage Disaster Risk Reduction to the Cultural Properties in Pakistan.

Dr. Qasid H. Mallah is currently engaged in this project for fact finding survey of Mohenjo-Daro site. This survey is multi layered to document the vulnerability of heritage structures and remedial measures for flood. This field documentation includes the physical conditions, types and kinds of structures.  The focus is on the finding suggestions recommendations for priority areas, which need specialized handling in case of emergency to the cultural heritage of Sindh. 

Under this project, all areas have been closely observed and priorities for first aid conservation work have been identified.  The assessment protective embankments along the River and the behavior of River itself and effects of agriculture are investigated.

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As per decision taken by Hon’ble Minister Culture, Tourism & Antiquities Department, GoS in the website review meeting held on 21st Sep 2017 at Sindh Archive Office Karachi, it was instructed by the Minister Culture, Tourism and Antiquities Syed Sardar Ali Shah, that all archaeological sites of Sindh province must be geo-tagged along with current photographs and virtual tours and all material which captured from sites may be posted on departmental website.

Mr. Amar Fayaz Buriro, a language engineer and programmer along with Mr. Qazi Asif were nominated by the Minister for accomplishment of the task. The team is on his job and its primary phase they have compiled data of Karachi districts.

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Conservation work started at kot Diji fort by the antiquities department from Thursday 5 October 2017. Director General Antiqtuities Mr. Manzoor Ahmed Kanasro has visited the Kotdiji Fort. The work of conservation has been started with dedicated and standard manners. DG antiquities has announced that within 15 days the related conservation work will be started on other archaeological sites too.  

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The Sindh culture tourism and antiquities department has decided to purchase ground-penetrating radars called Laser Assited Device Alteration (LADA) & GPR to detect the presence of archaeological sites in the province.

These machines will emit electromagnetic energy into the ground and detect buried objects.

 “With the use of these radars, no money would be wasted on unnecessary excavations, as these machines can display all items and their underground depth,” said a senior official. He added that the department has contacted Chinese firms to purchase the technology.

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