Buddhist Stupa Monastery and Pre-historic Remains underneath

Area: (555 Acres)

There is a grand Buddhist Stupa at the ancient site of Moenjodaro. It rises about feet above the surrounding area measuring from the first pavement to the base of the drum; the height of the plinth is 20 feet which is unusually lofty for stupa of such dimension. The approach to it lies in the middle of its eastern side. There is a small image-chapel attached to it. The image-niche measures 7 feet deep by a 4 feet 6 inches wide and occupies a prominent position. Some fragments of a sculpture of the Buddha seated cross-legged were found.

 The dome of the stupa has long since disappeared and what is left is the lower part of the circular drum which is still standing to a height of 8 feet about the plinth. This drum, the full diameter of which appears to be about 33 feet is hallow in the centure and composed of sun-dried bricks laid in mud mortar. It was dug out by the villagers to a depth of 14 feet in hope of recovering he hidden treasure. From the debris of this digging some pieces of relic caskets, fragments of images etc. were found during the excavation executed by the Department of Archaeology.

The stupa was built by the old material of Indus Valley civilization.

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