Mai khairi-ji-masjid, Misri Shah Mohalla, Nasarpur Town

Area: 2204 Sq ft.

This is small mosque situated on the northern out strike of the Nasarpur town. The structure is simple in plan and measuring 24’x22’ in the covered portion and 43’x22’ in the courtyard. It is constructed with the country brick tiles of 8’’x8’’x1.5 laid in mud mortar.
The entrance to the mosque is from east as usual. Its enclosure wall appears to have been repaired recently with sun dried bricks.
The exterior façade consist of three large arches which have small arched entrances. On sides of these arched entrances are square panels and niches.
One the interior, the western wall has a small central mehrab with decorative kasha tiles on sides. On wither side of the mehrab are three arches panels.
The noteworthy feature of the mosque is its Kashi tile flooring of yellow¸ green, turquoise blue and brown colours. A major portion of the floor, however appears to have been renovated in late period as the pattern is broken at places and tiles laid at random.
Roof of the mosque is of modern Sindhi style with wooden battons, mud bhusa etc. there is no indication of any domes existing over it.
Mai Khairi, after whom the mosque has been named was the mother of Mir Fateh Ali khan of the Talpur dynasty. The mosque may therefore be assigned to the Talpur period.

Additional Info

  • District: Hyderabad
  • Visit hours: Summer: 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Winter: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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