Jami Mosque, Thatta town

Area : 1.410 Acres (16G-49y)

The most significant brick building of Thatta is the Shahjehan mosque also called Jami masjid (1644-1647). This massive structure is centred around a courtyard, 169’x97’. The prayer chamber on the west is balances on the covered by large domes. On the north and south two-aisled galleries open by means of arcades on the courtyard. Ninety three domes cover the entire structure, and are probably the cause of remarkable echo which enable the prayers in front of the Mihrab to be heard in any part of the building. The mosque contains the most elaborate display of tile work in the Indo-Pakistan sub-continent. The two-main chamber in particular, are entirely covered with them. Their domes have been so exquisitely laid in a mosaic of radiating blue and white tiles that they have the appearance of starry vaults. Stylised floral patterns, akin to seventeenth century Kashi work of Iran, decorate the spandrels of the main arches, and elsewhere geometrical designs on square tiles are disposed in a series of panels. The construction of the mosque was begun in 1644 A.D, Nawab Abdul Baqa Amir Khan on the orders of Shahjehan. The eastern wing of the mosque was added later in 1658.

Additional Info

  • District: Hyderabad
  • Visit hours: Summer: 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Winter: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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