Tomb of yar muhammad kalhoro and mosque Khuda abad, district dadu

The Tomb is situated in village Pakha, Deh Khuda Abad, District Dadu. Mian Yar Muhammad kalhoro was first Kalhoro ruler of Sindh, who after wandering about northern Sindh and Baluchistan upon warlike expedition's, finally settled down at Khudabad. He died in 1718 A.D. It is said that Mian yar Muhammad himself started construction work of his tomb measuring 214 feet length and 105 feet width on a raised platform duly embellished with kashi glazed tiles. The tomb is built in a way that three sides of building have rows of large arched windows fitted with perforated terracotta screens of delicate geometrical tracery. Similar windows upon the front are fitted with perforated glazed tiles.


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