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Tomb of Mian Ghulam Nabi Kalhora Hyderabad, First-Aid and Emergency Treatment

The tomb of Mian Ghulam Nabi lies close of the Central Jail, Hyderabad. He was 15th in succession and ruled over Sindh form 1775 to 1776. The tomb is a massive brick structure covered with lime niru plaster and decorated with glazed tiles paneling. It stands over a square platform made of lime stone.

The tomb itself is octagonal in plan surmounted with a pointed dome supported by sixteen sided drum and culminated by a finial fixed in the shape of an inverted lotus pattern at the top. It has only entrance (Gate House) on the east and a formal niche as mehrab in the western wall.


The condition of monument is not stabilized due to weather effects, improper maintenance as well as passage of time. The facility of water supply is not available in order to start the work at site. The mausoleum contains eight sides-based on octagonal plan in which the condition of all sides is unsatisfactory. There are plenty of holes in the tomb in which the birds have set up their houses.

There is salty problem through drainage system from houses which can come from ground level. No proper caretaking as early to stabilize the monument. The five sides are more in dangerous condition except east and east-south side. There is lot of hedges, debris, garbage and trash which supposed to be removed before starting conservation work.

The rainwater that enters from holes and through the gaps of wall found at several places; as such, the condition of the structure became more dangerous. The stone platform on which the tomb is erected is also badly affected from climatic conditions; the stones are missing at the platform. The inside condition of floor is not proper maintained besides only sand fill on the floor. Some photos taken during inspection/ visit of the site are as follows.

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