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Preservation, Restoration & Protection of Mosque (I & II), Mir Chakar Khan Tomb at Quba Mir Shahdad Khan Talpur Shahpur chakar

Title : Preservation, Restoration & Protection of Mosque (I & II), Mir Chakar Khan Tomb at Quba Mir Shahdad Khan Talpur Shahpur chakar, Sanghar, Sindh.


Quba Mir Shandad khan talpur and graveyard is located towards the north- westen side near the town of Shahpur Chakar, taluka shandadpur, District Sanghar in the province of Sindh. This Archaeological monuments and graveyard are believed to be one of the ancient heritages of the province Sindh. This is a popular graveyard of the family members of commander Mir Shandad khan Talpur. Mir Shandad Talpur is termed as one of the greatest military commander of Sindh province. Mir Shandad Khan Talpur and Mir Chakar Khan Talpur are famous 12th century generals of the Kalhora Dynasty in Sindh.

Mir Shandad Khan Talpur eatablished the whole town of Shandadpur and made it a spectacular center of the agriculture, trade and learning. He breathed last in the year 1734 and is buried in his family graveyard at Quba Mir Shandad khan Talpur near the town of Shahpur Chakar. Three of his 4 sons rose to prominence. His eldest son Jam Nindo lost his life in the city of Mashad (Iran). His other son Mir Chakar khan Talpur is also buried at the place of Quba Mir Shandad. Mir Chakar Khan was the proposed father of Mir Sohrab Khan Talpur who developed the Talpur rule in the city of Khairpur and there the remaining family is buried.

The city of Shandadpur is named for the Mir Shandad Talpur, whereas the town of Shahpur Chakar is named after his proposed son Mir Chakar Talpur.

After the death of Mir Shandad Khan, the Talpurs shifted to the city of Khudabad, and there they offered the Kalhoras with safe haven in their period of trouble. This was the de facto capital until the Mir Fateh Ali Khan Talpur moved it to the city of Hyderabad after assuming the reins of power in the year 1783.

These yellow stone tombs are excellent examples of Islamic architecture of this region. The mosques at Quba Mir Shandad khan Talpur have beautiful motifs on the domes and were constructed by Jam Nindo's son with burnt bricks (10"x6"x1-1/2") in mud mortar and the lime chiroli plaster work was applied on exposed surface of walls to both mosques. Due to neglect of these unique monuments since last 30 years by the federal Archaeology these mosques yet surviving but these are now in dilapidated condition and could not withstands further by the threats of rains and human vandalism. Beside this a two no tomb each of Mir Chakar khan Talpur and his son were collapsed in the past whereas only the pillars are standing as seen in the pictures. so therefore to save the heritage of these monuments the conservation, restoration work has been carried out under the kind interest of Syed Sardar Ali Shah Minister for Culture, Tourism & Antiquities Department Government of Sindh and Mr. Manzoor Ahmed Kanasro Director General Antiquities & Archaeology Department Government of Sindh, so as achieved the goal in accordance with the principle of conservation.

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