Preservation & Protection of Buddist Stupa Thul Mir Rukan Shaheed Benazirabad District (Nawabshah) Sindh


Thul Mir Rukan is about 15 km south east of Daulatpur town in District Shaheed Benazirabad (Nawabshah) early history of the thul is shrouded in obscurity with a little legend connected with it. It is said that a king who has no son, and wanted to preserve his name for endless time so it was advised by his council of ministers to erect this tower.
It is a solid cylindrical structure, tapering at the top, constructed with a brick casing about 60 feet in height stands over a square base 66 feet in each side. The mausoleum of Thul Mir Rukun is an Archeological and protected property of Culture, Tourism & Antiquities Department Government of Sindh. Mr. Henry Cusin, the British Archaeologist writes in his book "Sindh's Archeology" (Sindhi Translation "Sindh Ja Qadeem Aasaar" by Atta Muhammad Bhambro) that the bricks used in the construction of this tomb were made and prepared of Buddhist Rulers' period. The line painting for the birth of Gaotam Budh was shown on the bricks clearly which are preserved and kept by the Sindh Archeological Department. He writes that the ornaments and small effigies and statues were also found when the ground was dug around the tomb.


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