Preparation & conservation works & pre-monsoon at archaeological ruins of Mohenjo-Daro


Mohenjo-Daro the metropolitan city of Indus civilization was discovered in 1911 and excavations started in 1922. About 440 Kilometer north of Karachi, the World famous archaeological site of Mohenjo-Daro meaning is situated in district Larkano, Sindh, Pakistan. The Civilization flourishing between 2500-1800 B.0 is culturally as important as that of Sumer and Egypt h is the vastest of all the ancient civilization having more than a thousand sites recorded so far from north Afghanistan to Indian Gujrat. The authors or this civilization were highly advanced and their social Cultural, Economic and religious conditions are reflected interlay through their town planning through mainly agriculturists they maintained trade relation specially with gulf countries and sumer their architecture is plain and utilitarian with straight streets and covered drains, cultural continuity is Still manifest in the make and use of Artifacts similar to those unearthed from the excavations. Besides dexterous craftsmanship and artistic adroit they had their well-developed scripts this is inscribed on the World Heritage list.

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