Conservation, preservation and restoration of Gori Jo Mandir (Temple)

Historical Background of property

GORI JO MANDIR (TEMPLE) situated between Islamkot and Nagarparkar built by Goricho, a follower of Mahavira (599 - 527 BC) and dedicated to Lord Parshwanath, the 23rd Jain Tirthanker. The roof of the temple has 52 cupolas and 2 domes. At the entrance inside Ranga Mandap dome ceiling has the paintings that make the Gori temple unique. These paintings are older than any other frescos in the Jain temples of North India. with the exception of Ellora. In India, the temples have been renovated and any old frescos have been painted over. Gori paintings are also older than any other surviving frescos in Pakistan.

By the side of the front door there appears an opening leading to the basement, it is said that sometimes during the first quarter of 18th century these underground cells were suffered from fire of gunpowder which was used by Colonel Trywhitt at the time of Nagar outbreak, in order to secure a Sodha chief who was supposed to be hiding himself in its passage. (Cousens: 145) The last major repairs are recorded to have been carried out in 1715.

Now the department of Culture Tourism and Antiquities Department Govenment of Sindh carryingout conservation and preservation work for bringing back its pristine glory.


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