Conservation and Restoration of Historical built structure of Tajjar Building at Jinnah Bagh, Larkano


The "Tajjar Building" a small but an impressive square brick structure 42' x 42' is located close to the South East of Town Hall inside the Jinnah Bagh at Larkana. It consists of three apartments, a central hall 14' x 38' with two side galleries each measuring 8' x 38'. At the time of its construction, the building was tastefully decorated with glazed tile work and floral fresco painting, the traces of which were traced out sometimes in the year 1976.

Tajjar is a Sindhi word which means "Arch". Since the building contains many arches, therefore, it is known by that name. There have been many controversies about the "Tajjar" but the eminent scholars of the country believe that the building was constructed in the beginning of 19th Century A.D. by Nawab Wall Mohammad Khan Laghari, an accomplished scholar, diplomat, poet, warrior and enlightened Prime Minister under Talpurs. The Nawab used to hold Kutchery in this building very often. With the establishment of British Rule in the Province of Sindh, the Britishers continued to hold their official Kutcheries in this building till the beginning of the 20th Century A.D. when Larkana was carved out as new district from the districts of Shikarpur and Karachi. Some of the historians have mentioned that after his death in Zulquad 1247 A.H. (April-May 1932 AD), Nawab Wali Mohammad Khan Laghari was buried in his own Garden at Larkana temporarily (As Amanat ) and Tajjar was then constructed over his grave.

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