Conservation and Restoration of Bohi Ja Quba Near Village Dakhan, District Shikarpur


Mir Shaho Khan Jamali was tribal chief of different clans of Jamli Balochis. He led following Jamali clans 1) Rohaliyani 2)Nahrani 3)Sobdarani 4) Suhriyani 5)Thondwani 6)Bhandani 7) Babwani and 8) Meirani. These Jamalis originally belonged to Dadu district butlater moved towards Gurg Kot. From here they moved to present Shahpur, a deserted mound and village in the north of Shandadkot. In 1193 AH/ 1779 AD, the Jamalis against Afghan invaders along with Talpur, Marti, Khuhawar, Chandia, Jamali, Thahim, Jalbani andSilra warriors. Mir Bijar Khan Talpur led 18,000 forces from Abdul Nabi Kalhoro and fought against the 30,000 Army of Mian Izatyar Khan Kalhoro and Mahfooz Khan Afghan. Mehfooz Khan was the commander of Temur Shah, the Afghan King. This battle was fought near Naushehro Abro and Garhi Yasin in which Afghans were defeated. Some of the fallen soldiers like Sahib Khan Thahim and Dilawar Khan Thahim were buried near village Dakhan. Their tombs are called Bohi Ja Quba, and were built by the wives of the killed soldiers in 1781.

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